Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unlocker : Error debug privileges

If the user doesn't have permission for remote debugging,Unlocker  will fail with the following error message

Error Debug privileges

Provide Debug privileges for the user in the target machine to satisfy Unlocker

Start -> Run -> "secpol.msc" then click ok
Expand "Local Policies" in left pane
click the "User Rights Assignments" folder
On the right hand screen double click "Debug Programs"
Click the "Add User or Group" button
Click the "Advanced" button
Click the "find now" button
select your "user logon name" and then click the "Ok" button

Changes will take effect after a logoff or a reboot. 


Anonymous said...

What if I'm in the Administrator account?

I'm using an XP machine at an internet cafe, and the user name is "Administrator".

What am I to do?

Aravind said...

Check that user has Admin privilege to accomplish the provided steps

anthony carmine said...

it says "you do not have permission to perform this operation"! this is starting to piss me off!

Aravind said...

@anthony, you must be a local administrator to do this.

anthony carmine said...

Do i need to be Administrator to do this? cant i just log into the computer?