Friday, December 24, 2010

Rename a SharePoint 2010 standalone server

To rename a SharePoint 2010 server MSFT recommends using the power shell cmdlet with a brief article. Unfortunately in my case the power shell throws an "object reference" exception which pushed me to explore my good old friend STSADM in 14 hive.

Rename the SharePoint 2010 server using STSADM

stsadm.exe -o renameserver  -oldservername -newservername

Rename the Windows Server 2008 R2

Computer->Properties->Change Settings->Change-> Provide the new Server name and restart the machine

Update Farm credentials using STSADM
stsadm.exe -o updatefarmcredentials  -identitytype configurableid  -userlogin          -password

 Update AAM settings for Central Administration
  • Open central administration, select Application Management in the left pane
  • Select configure Alternate access mappings under Web applications setting
  • Filter the view by "Central Administration" and modify the internal Url to reflect the new Server Name.
If you have created any other web applications then modify the alternate access mapping settings for those URL's

Do an IISRESET and good to go.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Android Cupcake on Oracle Virtual Box

As we are hearing a lot of noise from Android development just though about checking out the virtualization options of an Android OS. Although it got an emulator to test the code piece, I'm not a Android developer at least now and wanted to have a simple hands on . As its a Linux kernel in its core, I believed it should be able run in a virtualized environment.

Then came across this project name Live Android., they are providing the ISO images which runs on Oracle Virtual Box but the image is Android 1.5 Cup cake, a very old version of Android. Need to check the successor of this project Android-X86 who is promising for Froyo.

Cupcake running in my Virtual Box with 256 megs RAM 

No mouse support provided within, all manipulations through keyboard only
There's a lot happening in open source world...