Monday, May 14, 2012

Prevent your mails from being forwarded or replied

I always amazed at the rights management plugin with IRM services provided by Microsoft which restricts me from forwarding/replying a protected mail. But what is the case of small companies who dont have these IRM luxury on their infrastructure.

There is a niche solution provided by Microsoft but still that is a Micrsoft Research project. A Outlook plugin called "NoReplyAll", a light weight plugin installs right in to outlook 2007/2010. It adds up additional buttons on the ribbon like below

So whenever I send an email, I need to choose from the above option to make my mail secure. The end user who is receiving the mails don't need this plugin in their outlook. This plugin makes use of flag settings in Exchange and outlook, so if the recipient is not using any one of these then the flags are not honoured.

This cool plugin mandates the following 
  • Outlook should be the mail client on sender and recipient's machine
  • Both users should be in the same domain using Exchange

If you want robust and rigid security then this plugin is not your choice, you should head for IRM.

Now you gotta plugin which will avoid accidental and unnecessary "reply alls", Download/Deploy it in your Outlook and enjoy.

It is a research project not an RTM product, so beware.