Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shredded Storage in SharePoint 2013

How many times we thought through before enabling versions for a specific document library which will handle files of huge size during the capacity planning exercise in MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

After enabling versions in a document library, imagine there is a DSTD.docx of 20 MB word document of v1.0 in that document library and user is attempting to edit this document. SharePoint 2010 server will serve the full document to the MS Office Word Client. After making changes to couple of page, when the user hit the Save/Sync button, SP 2010 gets the full 20 MB modified document and stores it as a seperate entry in content database.

Say if we run across ten major versions of this specific document in SP 2010, the disk space occupied by this document in Sql Server content database would be 20MB * 10 versions= 200 MB

SP2013 changes this scene by using the Shredded storage technique, if you were a DB admin or an IT Pro the you should have heard about Differential backups or incremental backups. Shredded storage is similar to this.

In SP2013,   when the user hit the Save/Sync button after making changes in DSTD.docx v1.0 , SP 2013 gets the delta changes in that modified document and add an entry in content database.

So in SP 2013 enabling the versions is not gonna eatup disk storage, reduces disk I/O as only the delta is getting stored and efficient use of network bandwidth.