Friday, March 13, 2009

FIX :HTTP 404 returned Searchadministration.aspx after Infrastructure update

After installing Infrastructure update + Dec CU to local VM, my SSP got a lot of UI pages to administrate the search functionality. But unfortunately the /ssp/admin/searchadministration.aspx was not provisioned properly which results in a HTTP 404 error page whenever I click over the link from the quick launch.

After looking in to the \12 hive\Features\ folder this searchadministration.aspx file and a bunch of webpart definition files(ActiveCrawls.dwp, CompletedCrawls.dwp,SubSystems.dwp & SystemStatus.dwp) comes with a feature called S2SearchAdmin which required a forceful activation to bring up this search admin page in SSP.

Finally the following STSADM command did the trick
STSADM -o activatefeature -name S2SearchAdmin -url http://ssp-public/ssp/admin/ -force

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Integrate SPDisposeCheck tool to Visual Studio 2005

SharePoint developers always used to take additional care to dispose SPWeb and SPSite object as their unmanaged memory footprint really large, failing in this will create serious performance issues.

Luckily Microsoft released a command line tool to inspect the assemblies to identify such issues.

Download SPDisposeCheck here

Find more info here : Roger Lamb's developer blog

Install the SPDisposeCheck.msi installer package and ensure that you have the executable in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SharePoint Dispose Check\

In visual Studio Select Tools--- > External Tools
Click Add and fill the fields as follows

Now build your project first and run this tool to get the memory leak fix instructions in your output window.