Friday, December 4, 2009

Fixing UserProfileException while installing SharePoint Server 2010

  1. Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileException

    The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:00:18.7285970.
    Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding.

    One of the clear exception which says what to do while installing the beta product

    Navigate to the following path and open the client.config file \14\WebClients\Profile\client.config

  2. Find the tag increase the default sendTiemout attribute value to few minutes instead of seconds sendTimeout="00:15:20"

  3. Rerun the Psconfig wizard

After a long struggle managed to deploy SharePoint 2010 in a Vmware dev environment

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VirtualBox memory limitation plays spoilsport in Sharepoint 2010 installation

As a believer of virtualized development environment, I've started building the development environment for SharePoint 2010 using Sun Virtualbox. I've shared initially 1 GB of Ram out of 4 GB from my 32 Bit Vista host which eventually fell short after installing the Pre-requisites of SharePoint 2010

After facing a lot of screen freezes and high memory consumption in my guest (Windows Server 2008 SP1) I've increased the shared memory to 1.50 GB. SharePoint 2010's psconfig proved that is too low after 8 of 10th step throwing a WCF timeout exception. No luck even after relaxing the timeout values ,not able to complete psconfig and not able to pull down the processor/memory consumption

Frozen VirtualBox

So SharePoint 2010 requires more memory to be shared in its virtualized environment, there comes the issue. There's no way to increase the shared memory beyond 1500 MB with my current hardware setup(32 bit Vista Home premium with 4 GB RAM)

This limitation is forcing me to evaluate using VMware, so for the time being good bye for the cross platform hypervisor Virtualbox

Top memory comparison with VMWare