Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Multiple NT authentication prompts in MOSS 2007 Server

In our team, people usually build their own development machines from the scratch and recently faced this multiple authentication prompt issue while accessing central administration right after the PSConfig wizard execution.

We tried all the browser tricks
  • switching off the IE Enhanced security configuration
  • Adding the site to IE's Local intranet zone
  • Checking the IE cookie storage setting and Authentication settings
Nothing worked, still there were multiple  authentication prompts and Fiddler showing many HTTP 401 requests. Even without providing the username and password, by pressing the ESC key continuously we were able to reach the Central administration home page. But none of the Ok/Cancel button worked as expected and leaving the Central admin console useless.

Finally Manimaran,  found a  Microsoft's KB article 95271, which clearly says you guys might be trying to install IIS 6.0 on top of a Windows Server 2003 SP2.

The machine was patched with Windows Server 2003 SP2 and we installed IIS 6.0 using an RTM disc which apparently reverted some libraries to its older version especially asp.dll. Replacing only this library didn't workout and I don't want to re-install OS Service Pack 2 again.

Workaround without re-installing Win 2003 SP2:
  • Keep Win 2003 SP1 and SP2 installation media handy in a drive.
  • Extract I386 content of these service packs using an archive tool, mine is 7zip
  • Uninstall SharePoint server and delete the content databases in database.
  • Remove the machines application server role and Uninstall IIS 6.0
  • Add Application server role , Install IIS 6.0 
  • Whenever the installer prompts for files to install point to the folder where you extracted SP2
  • In case if you don't find the files in SP2 folder, drill down in SP1 folder else in RTM disc.
Thats it now start installing SharePoint now.