Monday, December 6, 2010

Android Cupcake on Oracle Virtual Box

As we are hearing a lot of noise from Android development just though about checking out the virtualization options of an Android OS. Although it got an emulator to test the code piece, I'm not a Android developer at least now and wanted to have a simple hands on . As its a Linux kernel in its core, I believed it should be able run in a virtualized environment.

Then came across this project name Live Android., they are providing the ISO images which runs on Oracle Virtual Box but the image is Android 1.5 Cup cake, a very old version of Android. Need to check the successor of this project Android-X86 who is promising for Froyo.

Cupcake running in my Virtual Box with 256 megs RAM 

No mouse support provided within, all manipulations through keyboard only
There's a lot happening in open source world...

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