Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Show communicator status in your custom application pages

When ever we show a username in a custom application page or in a custom web part, adding that small presence aware icon before the user name will be a value addition to the end users which allows to see the person's availability.

An ActiveX control called NameCtrl in Name.Dll is responsible to retrieve the user status and rendering.

Use the following snippet, get the string and render it on your custom page to make the presence aware work for you. Ensure Ows.Js is referenced in your master page, this javascript is responsible for instantiating the ActiveX control and rendering.

public static string GetIMStatusForUser(string personEmail, string personName)
string statusJS = String.Format("<span><img border=\"0\" height=\"12\" width=\"12\" src=\"/_layouts/images/blank.gif\" onload=\"IMNRC('{0}')\" id=\"IMID\"
ShowOfflinePawn=1><a href=\"mailto:{0}\">{1}</a></span>",
return statusJS

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