Monday, September 27, 2010

Configuring Location based Metadata in SharePoint 2010

Location based metadata which manages to inherit default metadata values from its immediate parent. This is a nice feature in SharePoint 2010 and its available out of the box with few configuration steps.

Configuring default metadata

1. Add the required folder structure to your document library, in this example it is


2. Add the required column to the document library, in this example it is "Classification" and click on "Column default value settings"
click on the required  folder in left pane, choose the column name in the right pane. You will be seeing a popup as below
Change the radio button to "Use this value" and enter the default value in the text box. This value will be inherited in all the documents which will reside in this folder.

Provide a different value for the subfolder "Router" inside the Hardware folder.

Upload a file to Hardware folder and note the "Classification" metadata is pre-populated
Similarly if we upload a file in "Router" folder the classification will be pre-populated as we've provided earlier.

SharePoint 2010 registers a Item Added event reciever(Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.LocationBasedDefaultsReceiver ItemAdded) to the document library upon first access of this feature.

Refer the following MSDN articles for more info

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