Friday, July 17, 2009

Deploying a Cloud solution step-by-step

  1. You should have an compiled Azure Cloud service solution and its service configuration file handy
  2. You should have invitation code to redeem Azure services to unleash Storage and hosting services
Once you have above prerequisites in place, log in to Azure portal using your Live Id and click on your hosting project and follow the steps depicted in screen snaps

Click on deploy to start the deployment

Browse and provide the local path for your cloud service package and its config

Click on "Run" to start the services in staging mode, Be patient here until you see a green symbol under WebRole. Once you get the solution running you can use the URL which is having the guid as the hosted application's URL

Browse to that URL check the features what you have done in that page. Once you are satisfied promote the application to production. There you get the proper name which you specified to your application instead of the guid

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