Friday, July 17, 2009

Configuring Azure development storage to existing SQL server instance

When we install Windows Azure SDK, Azure development storage and Development fabric by default mapped to a localhost\SQLExpress instance. I don't have an SQL 2005/2008 express editions in my box. So the following changes were required to leverage the existing SQL server instance

For DevelopmentStorage.Exe
  1. Open C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.0\bin in explorer window and open DevelopmentStorage.exe.config file in text editor

  2. Find the connection string named "DevelopmentStorageDbConnectionString" in connection string block, replace the server name from SQLExpress to the instance running in your machine

  3. Find the hierarchy developmentStorageConfig->services->service name="Table-> replace the dbserver value from localhost\SQLExpress to the instance running in your dev machine

For DevtableGen.exe

Open DevtableGen.exe.config file in a text editor, replace the value of key "DefaultSQLInstance" from SQLExpress to your existing instance name. Save and close the editor. This file is used by DevtableGen.exe which Creates tables for use with the development storage table service

Now open your develpment storage UI, it should open with out showing any errors

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