Saturday, August 9, 2008

Want to Take a DLL backup from GAC

open command prompt and navigate to %windir%/assembly/gac_msil/ and use copy command to take a copy of the require dll.

Want to do it in a windows way ,
Simply enter the following:
subst g: %windir%\assembly\gac

Now open Explorer, go to drive G: and you're all set.
Thanks to Jeff key

Start->Run->type c:\windows\assembly\gac
There you are take a back up of the required dll and go ahead


Anonymous said...

you da man! exactly what i needed

Anonymous said...

nice, jus wat i nded. thanks.

Anonymous said...

simple question, simple answer.
thx a lot!

Sofia Khatoon said...

Very good information. The Windows Explorer option worked just fine for me.