Friday, August 8, 2008

Get rid of memory leaks in Owsttimer & WssAdmin

Windows SharePoint Services Administration (WSSADMIN.EXE ) and Windows SharePoint Services Timer (OWSTIMER.EXE ) are processes which always take up most of the memory on my Dev Env.

SharePoint App Pools do take lots of memory but I do IISRESET or a process recycle very often to reclaim the memory,but WSSADMIN.EXE and OWSTIMER.EXE really consume ridiculous amount of memory.

This memory can be reclaimed by running the following scripts in the Dev virtual machines.

net stop "Windows SharePoint Services Timer"
net start "Windows SharePoint Services Timer"
net stop "Windows SharePoint Services Administration"
net start "Windows SharePoint Services Administration"

Want more details about this memory leak check out

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