Friday, July 22, 2016

FireFox and Certificate authentication

When I visit a SharePoint site which is secured with PKI certificate authentication, I usually get certificate selection prompts properly in Internet Explorer and Chrome. Both IE and Chrome are smart enough to show me list of certificates available in my Personal Certificates store.

But when I browse the same PKI secured site in Firefox, I didn't get the certificate selection page and thought of poking around that issue for a solution today. The solution is Firefox is not looking in your personal certificates store. So even though you've imported your certificates to Personal certificates, you should also import them to Firefox certificate store too.

First export you soft key to a folder from your personal certificates.

Open FireFox, navigate to Tools->Options->Advanced->Certificates->View Certificates

After this setting, you'll be shown a certificate selection dialog box every time you browse a site authenticated with a certificate.

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