Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Porting Sharepoint 2007 document library STP to SharePoint 2010

Recently read a post from Tom Belgium which speaks about porting SharePoint 2007 list templates to SharePoint 2010 and it worked just by replacing the product version and and repackage with makecab utility.

I faced a scenario to port a document library STP template including some documents.SharePoint packages the documents of the document library and manifest.xml as a single package.

Following are the steps to modify the STP file.
Rename the STP File to a CAB file and have a look at the contents
Create a new folder in c: drive say c:\Templates\, drag and drop all the contents from the cab file
Edit the Product version tag in Manifest.xml and save the file
Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder where we copied contents from CAB file and take the list of files in a txt/ddf file. Store this file within C:\Templates folder

Prepare the DDF file with the list of obtained file names, don't forget to give the cabinet file name in DDF file
Download the sample DDF file here

Execute Makecab utility to generate the CAB archive, you will see a C:\templates\Package folder and within that folder the STP will be available

This is the new STP file which will work in SharePoint 2010 edition.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aravind, thanks for your information. I seem to get 2 output files instead of 1. It probably had to do with a setting. In the setup.inf it generated I see
[disk list] 2 disks and in [cabinet list] als 2 output files.
How can I just get one output file?