Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Browser Speed test . . . .

I did few benchmark for all my browsers on my desktop to just check who is fast,faster, fastest using SunSpider JavaScript. Ok let's see the stats

Google Chrome 1757.6 ms
FireFox 3.0 3695.8ms
Apple Safari 3.15021.2 ms
Opera 9.505237.2 ms
Opera 9.624681.0 ms
Microsoft IE 7.036744.6ms
Microsoft IE 6.060803.8ms

Obviously Google chrome is the front runner and we are expecting more in Microsoft IE 8 because the results of IE 7 and IE 6 soars. If you look at the stats you can notice Opera improves a lot in its latest 9.62.

Want to test your browser how fast it is ? Here you go

Who ever wins or loses , the end user is surely getting the best out of the market :-)

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